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Flat Top Trailer for Sale

Flat Top Trailers for Sale

Quality Flat Top Trailers for Sale

Designed with a large deck space eliminating the wheel arches, flat top trailers are made to carry pallets, vehicles and equipment. The units we manufacture here at Victorian Trailers feature no sides and have a downward lip at the end of their decks allowing easy access for vehicles. Useful for both commercial and domestic applications, these units are favoured by tradespeople for heavy loads such as transporting plaster, concrete reinforcement steel and other equipment to various job sites.



Available as either single or dual axle units, these flat top trailers for sale are constructed out of heavy duty RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) steel and can support a number of different weight loads. The dual axle units can be constructed to a rating of 4500kg GVM.

These vehicle carriers are highly versatile and can be fitted with a number of different design features to increase their efficiency and ease of use. All flat top trailers for sale can be fitted with ramps, a ramp slide, either manual or electric winch mounts and built in anchor points. They can also have an electric braking system installed to improve overall safety and control and emphasise their corporate branding.

Coming in a range of four standard colours plus a number of additional options, you can have your trailer matched to your already exist brand colours. This is great for commercial operators who might want to have their logo applied on their unit.

If you would like to learn more about our flat top trailers for sale, or you wish to discuss your specific requirements then call us on 1300 TRAILER. Alternatively feel free to drop by our showroom in Thomastown.


Victoria Trailers offers a wide range of Flat Top Trailers or Car Carrier Trailers.  These trailers are available as tandem or Dual Axle, and come in a variety of load weight classifications built to heavy duty operating specifications.  Our focus for our design was ease of operation and safety, provided by electric brakes, electric or geared winches, and brake away systems.  The Flat Top Trailers are designed to be versatile, and feature a wide range of built in features that include ramp slides, ramps, and winch mounts, plus many other customisable options that will help you design the trailer that meets all of your expectations.

No matter which options you choose for your Flat Top Trailer, you will find a wide range of standard specifications.

The body of our trailers are constructed for heavy duty use, and feature a chassis that is manufactured from heavy duty Rectangular Hollow Section steel.  If you choose a trailer with load ratings over 1990 Kg GVM, it will come standard with heavy duty suspension, chassis, and axles.  Each trailer includes ramps, Toolboxes or storage boxes, and checker plate flooring.

Our Flat Top Trailers come standard with Rocker Roller or Slipper 7 leaf suspension.

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Brakes and Tie Rails
Our Van trailers come standard with a hydraulic single axle for those with a load rating p to 1990 Kg GVM.  You also have available upgrade options as desired:

  • 4 Wheel Electric with Break Away Safe Unit – This option is mandatory for all Flat Top Trailers with a load rating of 1990 Kg GVM
  • Dual Axle Electric
  • Dual Axle Hydraulic

Each trailer also comes with heavy duty rod tie rails for your safety.

Other Options
Our Flat Top Trailers come in Charcoal, Light Blue, or Silver, but also include an upgrade option for personalising your trailer to your perfect custom color, or you can choose from:

  • Black
  • Galvanised
  • Red
  • Dark Blue
  • Yellow

Size and Load Ratings
Our Flat Top Trailers are available in a wide variety of sizes and load ratings to meet your needs.  Each size option is available in multiple GVM load ratings to choose from:

  • 10’x6’ – 1990Kg, 2500Kg, 2800Kg, 3200Kg
  • 12’x6’ – 1990Kg, 2500Kg, 2800Kg, 3200Kg
  • 12’x6’6” – 2500Kg, 2800Kg, 3200Kg, 3800Kg
  • 14’x6’6” – 2500Kg, 2800Kg, 3200Kg, 3800Kg
  • 16’x6’6” – 2800Kg, 3200Kg, 3800Kg, 4200Kg
  • Custom – 3200Kg, 3800Kg, 4200Kg, 4500Kg

Upgrade Options
At Victoria Trailers we recognise that each person may need to customise our standard Car Carrier Trailers to meet their exact needs.  Due to this, we offer a wide range of additional add ons and upgrades to help you create the perfect trailer.

  • Folding Anchors
  • E Hooks
  • Lights
    • Female Flat
    •  Male Flat
    • Round 7 Pin
    • Round Female to Flat Male Adapters
    • Round Male to Flat Female Adapters
    • Side Marker Lights – Oval
    • Square LED
    • Rectangular Clear Lens LED
    • Rectangular LED
  • Electric Braking System
  • Hitch Pins
    • Straight, Locking
    •  L-Shape
    • D-Shape
  • Stabilisers
  • Steps
  • Straps
    • Ratchet Tie Down
    • Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down
  • Locks
    • 2 Way Coupling
    • Tow Ball
    • Hitch Pin
  • Tool Boxes
    • 1220 Wide Angled
    • 1250 Wide
    • 900 Wide Angled
    • 1250 Wide Angled
    • 900 Wide
  • Winch
    • Manual
    • Electric
    • Heavy Duty Electric
  • Wheels
    • 5 Stud
    • 4 Stud
    • Sunraysia Style
  • Tow Ball
    • Chrome
    • Silver
    • Black

About Us
Victoria Trailers has been providing trailers for over 2o years, which has allowed us to perfect the design and quality of the trailers we offer.  We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality trailers through strict production control, material use, and engineering and design options.  Our trailers are designed to provide the utmost safety and functionality, while still providing high quality materials and components at a value that exceeds anything our competitors can offer.

We offer a wide range of trailers and options that are all designed and engineered to comply with the strictest Australian Safety Standards and Design Regulations so you guaranteed to be purchasing a trailer designed around safety.

Find out more about Victoria Trailer – Van Trailers and Victorian Trailers – Stock Trailers


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