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Tradesman Trailers – Tandem Axle


A must for the working class guy or gal on the move

Just another tool of the trade for any professional workman, if you’ve been looking for a quality tradesman trailer that will meet your needs for years to come, then Victorian Trailers is the right place for you. Not only do these trailers make it easy for you to move your equipment between job sites, they also keep your tools and parts secure from potential thieves.



All of the bells and whistles a tradie needs

Our tradies trailers / tradesman trailers available for sale come with a variety of standard features to provide you with a large amount of easily accessible storage space. Standard features include: Smooth floor, 12” (300mm) sides, rear tailgate, key locks, internal shelf, single gullwing doors (up to 8” x 5”) and double gullwing doors (9” x 5” or greater).

Allow us to customise your purchase to best benefit you

Available as either single axle or dual axle, we will be able to cater for your haulage requirements whether heavy or light. All our units come with a variety of optional extras to help get the best solution possible. We also offer a fully custom made service should your requirements demand a unique tradies trailer unit. Optional extras include, but aren’t limited to: Air Compressor Box, Gas Struts for Side Doors, Checker plate Sides plus floor and higher sides.

with a wide selection of single axle Tradesmen Trailers.  Each trailer can be engineered to medium or heavy duty ratings, and offer a wide range of weight load classifications.  In addition to our extensive selection of options and built in features, all of our Tradesman Trailers allow you the versatility to add any components you need, including ladder racks, air compressor or welder ramp, toolboxes, and many others to ensure that your new trailer is ready to handle any application with the functionality and quality you need.

Each of our Tradesman Trailers includes a wide range of standard options.  The body is constructed of medium duty Rectangular Hollow Steel, with the option to upgrade to a heavy duty body and chassis if needed.

Standard Options Included
If you are unsure exactly what you need in a Tradesman Trailer, our standard options include everything you need for a quality trailer, including:

  • Smooth Flooring
  • Rear Tailgate
  • 12” (300mm) Sides
  • Internal Shelf
  • Full Width Ladder Racks
  • Keyed Locks
  • Full Gullwing Doors on 9’ x 5’ or above trailers
  • Single Gullwing Doors on Tradesman Trailers 8’ x 5’ and under

Our standard Tradesman Trailers come with Rocker Roller or Slipper 4 leaf suspension, with the option of upgrading to 7 leaf suspension.

Our  Trailers do not require brakes for up to 750 Kg GVM, but we do offer single axle hydraulic and single axle electric braking system options.

Each trailer is available in Charcoal, Light Blue or Silver standard color options.  You can also upgrade to customised, black, galvanised, dark blue, red or yellow.

Load Ratings and Sizes
Our Tradesman Trailers are available in many different sizes and load ratings.

  • 5? x3’6? – 600Kg or 750Kg
  • 6’x4’ – 600Kg or 750Kg
  • 7’x4’ – 600Kg, 750Kg, or 1000Kg
  • 7’x4’6” – 750Kg, 1000kg, 1200Kg, or 1500Kg
  • 7’x5’ – 750Kg, 1000kg, 1200Kg, or 1500Kg
  • 8’x5’ – 750Kg, 1000kg, 1200Kg, or 1500Kg
  • Custom – 750Kg, 1000kg, 1200Kg, or 1500Kg

Additional Options
If you have differing needs, we also offer many other options to help you customise your Tradesman Trailers so you can purchase one that meets your expectations, including:

  • 18” High Sides
  • Checker Plate Flooring
  • Checker Plate Sides
  • Air Compressor Box
  • Gas Struts on Side Doors
  • Front Tailgates
  • 2 Ft (600mm) Round Tubing for Cage A Trailers
  • 3 Ft (900mm) Round tubing for Cage B Trailers
  • 3 Ft (900mm) Heavy Duty Rectangular Hollow Section for Cage C Trailers
  • 4 Ft (1200mm) Heavy Duty Rectangular Hollow Section for Cage D Trailers
  • 3 Ft (900mm) Galvanised for 6’ x 4’ or 8’ x 5’ Trailers

Additional Upgrades and Accessories on Tradesman Trailers
Our single axle Tradesmen Trailers come with a wide variety of additional options and accessories that will ensure your trailer meets all of your individual requirements and needs.  We offer additional upgrades that are available at additional cost, including:

  • Lights
    • Female Flat
    •  Male Flat
    • Round 7 Pin
    • Round Female to Flat Male Adapters
    • Round Male to Flat Female Adapters
    • Side Marker Lights – Oval
    • Square LED
    • Rectangular Clear Lens LED
    • Rectangular LED
  • Hitch Pins
    • Straight, Locking
    •  L-Shape
    • D-Shape
  • Electric Braking System
  • Folding Anchors
  • E Hooks
  • Tool Boxes
    • 1220 Wide Angled
    • 1250 Wide
    • 900 Wide Angled
    • 1250 Wide Angled
    • 900 Wide
  • Tow Ball
    • Chrome
    • Silver
    • Black
  • Wheels
    • 5 Stud
    • 4 Stud
    • Sunraysia Style
  • Winch
    • Manual
    • Electric
    • Heavy Duty Electric
  • Locks
    • 2 Way Coupling
    • Tow Ball
    • Hitch Pin
  • Straps
    • Ratchet Tie Down
    • Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down
  • Steps
  • Stabilisers

About Us
Victoria Trailers has been providing high quality trailers that combine function, value, and quality for over 25 years.  Our fully knowledgeable staff has the expertise needed to help you through the customisation process so you can purchase the trailer that meets or exceeds all of your expectations.

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