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Tipper Trailers Buyer Guide

Tipper Trailers in Australia serve as efficient means for transporting materials that can be easily unloaded. Explore this buyer’s guide to understand their specifications and functionalities better.

Type of Tipping Trailers

There are two primary types of tipping trailers – hydraulic tipper trailers and manual tipper trailers. Hydraulic tippers are known for their robustness, ideal for heavy lifting tasks, while manual tipper trailers are better suited for lighter loads. When visiting Victorian Trailers for Hydraulic Tipper Trailers in Melbourne, seek advice from our friendly staff to determine which mechanism aligns best with your needs.

Australian Made Hydraulic Tipper Trailers

When it comes to reliability, an Australian-made tipper trailer stands out as the top choice. Victorian Trailers holds a reputable position among manufacturers of tipper trailers in Australia. Specifically designed for transporting earth materials or wet loads, an Australian-made and Australian-galvanized tipper trailer for sale in Melbourne might be your ideal solution. Our team of trailer experts is ready to guide you, ensuring you select the right size and load specifications tailored to your specific needs.

Single Axle or Tandem Axle Hydraulic Tipper Trailers

A single-axle tipper trailer operates through a manual tipping mechanism, allowing the trailer to pivot on its axle, providing the advantage of easy tilting. This manual tipping function grants versatility and simplicity in operation, making it an efficient choice for various trailer requirements.

On the other hand, a double-axle / tandem axle hydraulic tipper trailer offers distinct advantages, including increased load capacity, enhanced stability, and effortless operation. The hydraulic system enables smoother and controlled tipping, ensuring a higher load-bearing capacity while maintaining stability, making it particularly suitable for heavier loads and more demanding tasks. Its dual-axle design provides better weight distribution, reducing strain on the towing vehicle and enhancing overall stability during transportation.


In conclusion, the choice between a single-axle manual tipper trailer and a double-axle hydraulic tipper trailer depends on the specific needs and demands. A single-axle trailer offers manual tipping functionality, providing versatility and ease of tilting, ideal for various lighter loads and flexible operations. On the other hand, a double-axle hydraulic tipper trailer stands out for its increased load capacity, stability, and effortless operation facilitated by the hydraulic system. This design ensures smoother tipping, higher load-bearing capabilities, and improved stability, making it an excellent choice for heavier loads and more demanding tasks. Ultimately, considering the nature of your cargo, frequency of use, and load requirements will guide you toward selecting the most suitable tipper trailer for your needs.

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