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Tips On Buying Cage Trailers

Cage trailers in Australia are immensely popular. They fall under the category of enhanced box trailers. One can transport animals or objects that are adverse to the dust. Ensure that rain will not dampen whatever you are transporting. A notable feature is the optional fact that you can lock the cage. This secures the load and discourages anyone from just picking things. And finally you can buy a cage trailer pretty easily in Australia.

There are a few tips on buying a cage trailer in Australia. Since these trailers are very popular, you would want to find one that matches your requirement. Other than the obvious significant features, there are a series of small ones that can make life much easier. Let us examine a few.

The first and the most prominent feature is the health of the trailer. It is defined by the quality of metal that the cage trailer is built out of. Do no assume that the whole trailer has similar treatment or finish. It is beneficial to opt for hot dipped galvanised metal body. More often than not, although the body is hot dipped galvanised, the cage is not. This affects the price of the cage trailer in Australia. Hot dipped galvanised metal cage trailers resist rust and corrosion at least 4 times better than their painted counterparts. This also means that you will be able to sell the cage trailer in a much better shape. Fact is that the main wear and tear in the trailer is due to physical damage and corrosion.

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Cage trailers require very little maintenance. You need to ensure that the wheels are greased, tyres are road worthy and periodically check the breaks. That is all the maintenance you need. Some cage trailer owners like to replace the standard wheel rims that come custom fitted. This is normally not a requirement but rather the choice of the owner. You would like your trailer to look as hot as the ride that is pulling it.

Cage trailers, as most trailers, come with one or two axles. In the single axle version,  you absolutely should opt for a swing up jockey wheel. This allows for easier attachment to the vehicle. You can also balance it such that the tilt is towards the front and balance it with the swing up jockey. Cage trailers can be parked in this manner.

A feature that is not as important in other trailers but assumes a “must have” mantle for a cage trailer is the mud flaps. The cargo inside the cage trailers is unprotected. When the cage trailer passes thru dusty and muddy domain, and we certainly have such terrain in Australia, the splash will directly affect the cargo and the body of the cage trailer. Mud flaps are cheap, and the effect they have is massive. They enhance the life of the cage trailer and protect the cargo.

Cage trailers in Australia are a good investment. They are easy to buy and have excellent resale value. Ensure that you buy a quality cage trailer and maintain it regularly for a great ownership experience.

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