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What are Box Trailers?

Have you ever wished that your car had more space? Did you want to transport an odd size object and had to hire a truck to do that? Box trailers are just the solution to these problems. Box trailers come in a range of shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are designed for a certain purpose. If you are looking for a box trailer in Australia, you can really choose. Let us go thru a few choices and see what we need to watch out for.

The word box in the “Box Trailers” can be misleading. Conventionally we would think of a box – container with all sides closed. This is not quite true in the case of box trailers. These trailers can be without a roof and very low side panels. This turns out to be a very useful feature. You can carry objects that are high without restrictions. Say you wanted to carry a refrigerator. A closed box would probably not permit it, but a no-roof box trailer would be ideal. The motto on of this trailer is: if you can secure it, you can transport it.

The box containers of course come in actual box shapes as well. Are enclosed from all sides. This means that whatever you are transporting in the box trailer is safe. If you are using the box trailer in Australia, there can be patches of roads that are dusty or bumpy. It is easy to spoil or even loose the cargo. Such secure box type containers completely protect the contents. Think of a cookie in a cookie jar.

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Some box containers in Australia are designed so that all the sides of the box can be lowered or even completely removed to enable easy loading and unloading. If you are transporting animals, you can have a cage top box trailer. It has a grilled encasing so that the animal may breathe easily.

If you live near the sea or face corrosion problems, opt for hot dipped galvanised box trailers. The metal of these trailers is treated so that they survive the rust and corrosion. This is better than just painting the trailer. Painted box trailers in Australia corrode easier. You may notice the galvanised metal by its silvery finish. It is not shiny like chrome but blends in with most colours.

Before you select your box trailer, obtain some sense of the weight that you will be transporting. It is important for multiple reasons. Firstly, you should be able to pull the load that you are going to transport. There are two popular types of constructions in box trailers – tilt and tandem. Single axle box trailers are called tilt box trailers because they tip over even when empty. The tandem box trailers have two axles right next to each other. This increases the stability and transport capacity.

If our first concern was whether we can pull the trailer, our final concern is whether we can safely stop. Trailers come optionally with their own braking system. This system engages the brakes when the pulling vehicle brakes and thus assist in stopping quicker. Depending on the weight being transported, the brakes become mandatory.

Define your requirements clearly and select wisely. You have a huge collection of box trailers in Australia to choose from.

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