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Features of the Stock Crate Trailers

Stock in stock crate trailers refers to the livestock that gets transported in this category of trailers. Livestock transport in Australia has a specific set of features that are required from the stock crate trailers. Almost every person dealing in this branch needs to own a stock crate trailer. It is a requirement rather than an option.[…]

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Victorian Trailers Stock Trailers

At Victorian Trailers we offer a wide range of Tandem/Dual Axle Stock trailers.  Our trailers are built to handle medium or heavy duty use, and are available in several different weight classifications as well.  These trailers are configurable as triple or dual axle, and feature a huge selection of upgrade options to ensure you can purchase[…]

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Order your Box Trailer from Victorian Trailers today!

Searching for a box trailer or maybe a custom built trailer? Here is a guide/article for that.

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