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Victorian Trailers Stock Trailers

At Victorian Trailers we offer a wide range of Tandem/Dual Axle Stock trailers.  Our trailers are built to handle medium or heavy duty use, and are available in several different weight classifications as well.  These trailers are configurable as triple or dual axle, and feature a huge selection of upgrade options to ensure you can purchase a trailer that fully meets your needs.



Our stock trailer bodies are constructed for either heavy duty or medium duty use, with chassis constructed of medium duty Rectangular Hollow Section steel, with an option to upgrade to heavy duty RHS steel construction.  Trailers with a load rating of over 1990 Kg GVM will come with heavy duty axles and chassis’.   Our trailers also include rear tailgate, slide door, and ramp, as well as checker plate flooring.  These can be upgraded to front tailgates or a tipper.


These stock  trailers come with either rocker roller or slipper 5 leaf suspension, with an option to upgrade to 7 leaf suspension.

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Brakes and Tie Rails

Our stock trailers come standard with a hydraulic single axle for those with a load rating p to 1990 Kg GVM.  You also have available upgrade options as desired:

  • 4 Wheel Electric with Break Away Safe Unit – This option is mandatory for all Flat Top Trailers with a load rating of 1990 Kg GVM
  • Single Axle Electric
  • Dual Axle Electric or Hydraulic

Size and Load Ratings
At Victorian Trailers, we offer our stock trailers in a wide range of sizes and load ratings to handle a wide range of usage needs.

  • 8’x5’ – 1990Kg, 2500Kg, 2800Kg
  • 9’x5’ – 1990Kg, 2500Kg, 2800Kg
  • 10’x5’ – 1990Kg, 2500Kg, 2800Kg, 3200Kg
  • 10’x6’ – 2500Kg, 2800Kg, 3200Kg, 3800Kg
  • 12’x6’ – 2500Kg, 2800Kg, 3200Kg, 3800Kg
  • 12’x6’6” – 3200Kg, 3800Kg, 4200Kg, 4500Kg
  • 14’x6’6” – 3200Kg, 3800Kg, 4200Kg, 4500Kg
  • 16’x6’6” – 3200Kg, 3800Kg, 4200Kg, 4500Kg
  • Custom – 3200Kg, 3800Kg, 4200Kg, 4500Kg

Upgrade Options
Our stock trailers come with a wide range of upgrade options to help you customise your trailer to your exact needs.  These include:

  • Lights
    • Female Flat
    • Male Flat
    • Round 7 Pin
    • Round Female to Flat Male Adapters
    • Round Male to Flat Female Adapters
    • Side Marker Lights – Oval
    • Square LED
    • Rectangular Clear Lens LED
    • Rectangular LED
  • Electric Braking System
  • Hitch Pins
    • Straight, Locking
    •  L-Shape
    • D-Shape
  • Stabilisers
  • Steps
  • Straps
    • Ratchet Tie Down
    • Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down
  • Locks
    • 2 Way Coupling
    • Tow Ball
    • Hitch Pin
  • Tool Boxes
    • 1220 Wide Angled
    • 1250 Wide
    • 900 Wide Angled
    • 1250 Wide Angled
    • 900 Wide
  • Winch
    • Manual
    • Electric
    • Heavy Duty Electric
  • Wheels
    • 5 Stud
    • 4 Stud
    • Sunraysia Style
  • Tow Ball
    • Chrome
    • Silver
    • Black
  • Folding Anchors
  • E Hooks

About Us
Victorian trailers has over 20 years of experience in constructing quality designs for all of our trailers, allowing us to perfect our designs to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.  We provide our customers with trailers that are designed under strict material use, production control, engineering, and design options that provide the safest functionality possible.  All of our trailers are in constructed to meet or exceed the standards of the Australian Safety Standards and Design Regulations, and only use the highest quality materials and construction.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality trailers, and our value far exceeds that of our competitors.

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