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Features of the Stock Crate Trailers

Stock in stock crate trailers refers to the livestock that gets transported in this category of trailers. Livestock transport in Australia has a specific set of features that are required from the stock crate trailers. Almost every person dealing in this branch needs to own a stock crate trailer. It is a requirement rather than an option.

The most crucial feature of the stock crate trailer is the way it enables loading and unloading of the livestock that you will be transporting. You should be able to configure the stock crate trailer to suit your needs. The primary configuration requires some combination of slide gates and ramps. Ideally you would want to be able to load using ramps from all sides of the trailer. The ramps also need sides to guide the livestock into the stock crate trailer. Depending on the size of the livestock, you may require further divisions of the area with dividers. These features should be a part of the stock crate trailers since you need them at the time of loading, during transport and during unloading at destination.

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The shockers of these shock crate trailers cannot be hard. It would make the livestock jump and get injured. For the same reason, you would prefer to have a tandem style stock crate trailer. The two axles go a long way to balancing the stock crate trailer in Australian conditions. It is advisable to have a low platform so that the livestock can easily be loaded. Add a jockey wheel in the front for added stability. Should you ever need to fix a punctured tyre on your stock crate trailer, you will thank the stars for having bought a tandem style stock crate trailer. On the same note, ensure that you have a place for the spare tyre – you will need it.

It is beneficial to have a cage type construction for the stock crate trailers. A roll over bar on the top adds massively to the strength of the design. Until unless you live near the sea, there is no need for hot dipped galvanised metal or aluminium construction. At least a two pack paint job would do the trick. Make sure that the paint is undercoated. A special finish, like hammertone finish, is recommended.

The stock crate trailer should have plenty of lashing points in place to tie ropes. This is an indispensable security feature. Brakes are highly recommended. The livestock will experience a truly horrible journey otherwise. The edges of the trailer should be smooth so that the livestock comes to no harm.

If you are transporting the livestock over a long distance, ensure that you can use a canvas securely with your stock crate trailers. It will protect the livestock from harsh winds, rain and erratic flying objects on the highway. Choose the height of the walls as per your requirements. The height of the walls also impacts the purchase price.

Once decided, you can conveniently buy a stock crate trailer in Australia. There are many choices. Local manufacturers and imported models combine to give you a complete selection. The resale value is relatively constant. You should opt to buy a stock crate trailer in Australia. Should the budget restrict you, buy a stock crate trailer on sale.

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