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Get an Affordable Tandem Trailer at Victorian Trailers

Are you in the market for a tandem trailer? If so you may want to consider a trailer from Victorian Trailers. We’ve been manufacturing high quality trailers in Melbourne for over 20 years. We have distributers throughout Australia. Just give us a call and we’ll connect you with an agent in your area.

Many Fantastic Options To Choose From here at Victorian Trailers

We have a wide range of options available including car trailers, tradesman trailers, cage trailers, motorbike carriers, gardening trailers, plant trailers, tipper trailers, camping/off-road trailers, flat top trailers and stock crates. All of our trailers are available as a tandem trailer, single axle or custom built trailer. Our goal is to manufacture a full range of trailer styles. If you can’t find what you’re looking just let us know and we’ll custom build it for you.

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Is A Tandem Trailer Right For You?

You may be wondering if you really need a tandem trailer. Buying a tandem trailer is probably a good idea if you’re going to need your trailer on a regular basis. Tandem or double-axle trailers are easier to manoeuvre and safer on highways. Although a single axle trailer is okay for around town they tend to bounce more at higher speeds. This can lead to tyre blowouts which could be disastrous depending on what you are hauling. Tyre changes with a heavy load are usually easier with a double-axle trailer as well.

Custom Made Trailers Available Too!

Depending on your needs you may be interested on one of our custom trailers. Our custom trailers can be built to your exact specifications. You’ll be able to choose the materials and the style along with special features including an anchor, jockey wheel or winch. Most of our trailers are available in galvanised steel or standard painted steel. You’ll also have options when it comes to suspension, brakes, lights and tyres. Whether you are searching for a tandem trailer or a custom built model we have you covered.

Victorian Trailers offers high quality trailers at competitive prices. When you purchase a trailer through us you can rest assured that it was manufactured with care. All of our trailers are built according to Australian Design Regulations (ADR) and Australian Safety Standards (AS). We are one of the most trusted names when it comes to trailers in Australia. Our trailers are available throughout Australia. If you can’t make it to the showroom in Melbourne just give us a call, we’ll recommend one of our authorized agents in your area. Get your tandem trailer today from one of the finest trailer manufacturers in Melbourne! Call or go online for a quote!

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